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It’s incredible how many debates and considerations can nowadays be associated with a simple purchase of eggs. Although eggs in particular look really, really similar. But the circumstances around the egg are crucial. Namely, the hen ID has to do with ourselves. With our conviction, our ideology and our degree of visible animal welfare.

The hen producer, his attitude in society, has turned into a strong selection argument for consumers. Sometimes the producer himself has become a brand. These are then the rare cases where businesses or entire stock market values go literally through the roof. Maybe even into orbit, just because of the exciting story. A product has a mission. A manufacturer needs an attitude.

Because digital facelessness can become an acute risk.

This is our time. Everything needs a story. In words and pictures. From which stable does the eggs come. Or did you still think the best result would prevail on its own? No, with digitization, both the offer and the consumers have changed, the reporting, the loyalty of the workforce… and … and…and.

Therefore, entrepreneurship must also change to be perceived, indeed, to be savely perceived. The real story! Pure, cleverly told, gladly retold. That is the greatest conviction you have. Your asset. Our Digitized Identity and Emotional Firewall concepts are based on this.

In the digital world, just overnight many topics can transform as emotional as the origin of eggs. By the time the shitstorm hits, it will be too late. Good reputation management acts with foresight. Our Digitized Identity and Emotional Firewall concepts are based on this. They position, create EVP, strengthen cohesion and offer protection against unpredictable attacks on the Internet.

Story: Who are You

The oppulent documentary about the corporate core of the company is of course the maximum. But outstanding storytelling is also possible below the big biopic: Whether sophisticated storytelling with reenactment, strategic short stories for social media or an authentic look behind the scenes. Our TV professionals immediately analyze how a company can be told in the best possible way. Where does your product have its place in life? What makes up the workforce and where is all this on the current map of the social zeitgeist?

The questions already show – there is a lot to think about in digital communication. Clearly, by now everyone worldwide has understood that the medium of film is incomparable and indispensable in its power for all the senses. To break through, we should consider together with what. Because it’s like rugby: the more out there on the field, the more important it is how good the ball, oh no … the egg is that you get to touch down.

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