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Who would have thought how quickly communication is changing due to rapidly changing
distribution channels. And with it, ultimately, our perception, the interaction among friends, in business, even in political debate.

Negotiation, sales, trust! Companies and their leaders must increasingly do all of this digitally. Because the conference culture has been changing rapidly since Corona. Welcome to our world. We would be happy to realize your presentation, your webinar as a recording, live or as a hybrid. We will implement your project technically, organizationally and, if you wish, also conceptually. Because: Who knows – how screen perception works and what, how arrives at the viewers and participants of the discussion, can use the enormous potential of modern digital communication in the business world.

Internationally or on your doorstep.

Let’s ensure human communication in digital business, live from the studio.


The studio in modern loft atmosphere lives from its asymmetrical layout. 120 QM play area for flexible set construction, white brick structure wall at the head, optionally real or with green. The cut is ideal for the virtual use of the textile green box on 65 sqm key area. This allows multiple people to interact in a studio to be developed virtually. It allows in recordings aisles sideways and towards the camera.

In addition, we offer a separate mask room on request.

Discreet entrance directly via car access road.



Streaming to all major platforms. Broadcast resolution 1080p. We work only with Broadcast equipment and live TV-experienced cameramen as well as image mixers. In the studio, we use optionally one to three manned cameras plus a fixed wide shot. We do NOT have fully automatic webcams!

In addition to the broadcast control room, there is a swiveling preview area of the image outputs for the SetAL and clients.

maximum green spread 8.6 x 8 plan / sound absorber for broadcast sound / real studio back 5, 5 meters / various corner settings for reenactment / scenery construction on request.


Production management on request

Mask on request

Studio furniture handling on request

Free soft drinks in studio area

Catering on request

Garage Parking on request


City center, near ECB

Ideal connection to public transport via subway, S-Bahn and federal railroad network Frankfurt-Ostbahnhof

Hotels and restaurants visà vis

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Monday-Friday – 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wellington Fields GmbH 

Hanauer Landstraße 52

60314 Frankfurt am Main