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As experienced filmmakers, the language of the present – the moving image – is our profession. In competition with dozens of television stations, the productions of our screen art° teams regularly successfully pass the tough battle for viewers' attention. The fact that many of the works have won national and international awards serves as an incentive for us. We use this expertise on all levels of media presentation.


In cooperation with our sister company screen art° productions gmbh, we can draw on the spatial, technical and personnel capacities of a renowned production company.

This allows us to develop and implement individual concepts in all their possibilities, from live broadcasts and recorded productions to complex product presentations with inserts. From a single source. Short distances, strong identification with the customer and: for the
best results.


There is no second chance for a first impression. But stepping through a negotiating door is one thing. Anyone who steps in front of the media as a CEO or board member should feel confident. That’s why it’s part of the realucation of leadership to regularly train your appearance and your dealings with the media.

The power of words can make a big difference. It is better to determine the direction yourself. We know the mechanisms of the media, we know where the critical demand lurks and how you can increase media presence.

Our media trainings are based on the principles of authenticity. We don’t let you learn by rote, we reject verbal set pieces. We develop your clear attitude and your sovereign appearance. This makes you sovereign, even in a crisis.


Pitch professionally from our studio in Frankfurt’s city to business partners in Tokyo, New York or Black Forrest. Set decisive visual accents in live broadcasts or recordings for your
perception, for an authentic business atmosphere and for good results.

We are happy to accompany your project technically, organizationally and, if desired, also
conceptually. Because: If you know – how screen perception works and what, how comes across to the viewers and participants in the conversation, you can use the enormous potential of modern digital communication in the business world. Internationally or on your doorstep.

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